Left to right: Tracy Hull, physical therapist assistant; Pamela Counts; and Sarah Schaefer, speech therapist

When Pamela Counts came out of the hospital after being treated for pneumonia, she was very weak and couldn’t take care of herself.


Counts came to Life Care Center of Rhea County in Dayton, Tennessee, for rehabilitation on April 20, 2018. She couldn’t stand on her own and could only walk 25 feet with assistance. She needed moderate assistance for bathing, dressing, bed mobility and getting in and out of bed, and she needed minimal assistance with daily grooming tasks. She also had some trouble with cognition and swallowing.


Physical therapists worked with Counts six days a week, analyzing the underlying impairments affecting her gait and balance and creating a personalized program to restore both. They used core-strengthening exercises, as well as balance activities. They even trained her in managing stairs.


Counts took part in occupational therapy five days a week, which focused on restoring her upper-body strength and balance for dressing, bathing and grooming.


Speech therapy addressed her swallowing and cognition five days a week, helping her to regain normal use of both.


Counts went home fully independent on July 18.


“My rehab at Life Care Center of Rhea County really helped me return to normal and get back home,” said Counts. “I was very fearful of the 13 steps I had to navigate to get to my shower. By the time, I returned home, I was able to navigate these stairs without difficulty.”