Carol Suttles with Casey Kaylor, physical therapist assistant, and Heather Riggan, occupational therapist assistant

Dayton, Tennessee, resident Carol Suttles developed an infection after a medical procedure on her neck.


The infection led to weakness and decreased mobility. Independent before the surgery, she found herself requiring some assistance to walk, get out of bed, balance while standing and take care of her daily needs like grooming, bathing and getting dressed.


Suttles came to Life Care Center of Rhea County in Dayton for rehabilitation on July 6, 2017. Physical and occupational therapies helped her recover her independence over the next month and a half.


“At first, I thought it was horrible to be in a nursing home,” Suttles remembered. “But once I got here, I realized this is not really a nursing home. It’s a wonderful place. The people are amazing, and the rehab staff is top-notch!”


Physical therapists focused on helping increase Suttles’ mobility and range of motion. They used manual therapy to help her get her muscles working again and gait training for helping her balance and walk. Occupational therapy focused on helping her with therapeutic activities and self-care retraining.


Suttles reached her goals and was able to do all the things she could do before her hospital stay. She returned home on Aug. 22.