Jo Scott with her grandchildren

“This whole process started with God,” said Virginia “Jo” Scott.


“God put Dr. Pearce in my life,” Scott added. “He was the cake. God put Life Care Center of Rhea County in my life. That was the icing.”


After surgery with Dr. Pearce for lumbar spondylosis, or wear and tear of the spinal disks, Scott came to Life Care Center of Rhea County in Dayton, Tennessee, for rehabilitation.


When Scott arrived on Aug. 20, 2019, she needed moderate assistance with balance and her activities of daily living, such as bathing, getting dressed and hygiene tasks like brushing her teeth and hair. She also needed some help with walking and getting in and out of bed.


Physical and occupational therapists met with Scott five days a week to help her reach her goal of returning home. PT helped her with pain management, joint mobility, stretching, core strengthening and learning to avoid bending and twisting. OT taught her to use adaptive equipment (such as a tub bench and long-handled sponge for bathing) to help her avoid bending and twisting as well.


“Everyone is wonderful here,” Scott shared. “My therapists have dramatically helped me return to full independence with minimal pain. God does all the healing, but he gave me all the pieces for this wonderful recovery.”


Scott returned home on Sept. 19, in time to go on a family vacation. She started outpatient rehabilitation at the facility on Oct. 1 to continue her progress.