Guy Denton with Kristina McCuiston, physical therapist assistant

By Guy Denton


On Feb. 22, 2018, I was admitted to Memorial Hospital [in Chattanooga, Tennessee,] with very low oxygen levels, pneumonia, bronchitis and the “bad” flu.


While there, I was given a swallowing test, and it was determined some of everything I swallowed was going into my lungs.


On Feb. 28, a temporary feeding tube was put in with hopes of having it for four to six weeks.


On March 1, I was admitted to Life Care [Center] of Rhea County [in Dayton, Tennessee]. I was in a very weakened state. I was unable to stand or walk without help.


Assessments were immediately done by Dr. [Thomas] Bovine and the Life Care staff to determine my needs. Speech, occupational and physical therapies were begun right away.


I responded well and began to regain strength. A follow-up swallowing test was done, and it was determined that reflux was part of the problem. My swallowing had improved enough to start taking soft foods by mouth. I responded well to that and began eating the special meals prepared by the kitchen staff.


I had one setback caused by the fluid building. It was quickly addressed by the staff.


The therapy I have had is remarkable. From someone who could barely lift a foot or get out of bed without help to where I am now is amazing. I am walking unassisted and standing straight and tall.


With a little more therapy, I will be back on my tractor very soon.


As I have said, this was not a journey [my wife and I] would have chosen, but we have been so blessed by all of the wonderful people at Life Care. We are thankful for each person involved in my care.