Left to right: Yvonne Delise, physical therapist; Joyce Allred; Brenda Harris, occupational therapist; and Kathleen Simmons, speech therapist

It took some rehabilitation to get Joyce Allred back on her feet after a pulmonary embolism.


Allred came to Life Care Center of Rhea County in her hometown of Dayton, Tennessee, on July 3, 2018, left weak from the episode. She needed moderate assistance with much of her self-care and with her sitting and standing balance.


Physical and occupational therapists worked with Allred five days a week to help her reach her goals.


The PT team did strengthening exercises with Allred for her core and lower body, as well as neuromuscular re-education to help her body obey her brain’s commands to move. They also did transfer training to help her sit down and stand up safely, gait training for walking and high-level balance exercises.


Meanwhile, the occupational therapy team addressed her activities of daily living to help her regain independence in caring for herself. OTs helped her with getting dressed, bathing, grooming and other personal care tasks.


“The care has been great!” said Allred. “I came in really needing to get stronger, and I’ve worked hard to get my strength back. I will really miss all my girls [in therapy]. I appreciate everything everyone’s done. When I came in, I could barely lift my feet. Now, I’m ready to go.”


Allred returned home independent on Aug. 13.